Lefkios Theodosiou

Regional Director, ASBISc Enterprises PLC

I am a graduate of University of La Verne (ULV), where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. In 2001 I was accepted into the MBA degree program at ULV College of Business & Public Management, which I completed in 2003. I have completed several professional development trainings and certifications  over the years related to e-Commerce, Consumer Behavior, Business Processes Re-engineering, Logistics, Fleet management, TQM and SIX sigma.

For the past several years I have worked in multiple industries, from telemarketing  and door-to-door sales to tourist escorting and hotels, to foreign exchange offices, to consulting and technology! The last 18 years I have been focused to technology business development and international business. Extensive experience from companies like SAP, Vodafone , CYTA and of course my final destination ASBISc Enterprises PLC

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