Nicolaos Mougiaris

Officer Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, Bank of Cyprus

Nicolaos Mougiaris has been appointed as an Entrepreneurship & Innovation Officer at IDEA Innovation Centre since January 2024.

His corporate journey began in 2004 when he joined the Bank of Cyprus in Athens where he served as an Officer at the Corporate Transfer Department and as a Loans Officer at the Business Centre. In January 2007, Nicolaos was transferred to the company’s headquarters in Cyprus and held various positions. Initially, he joined the IBU Department in Nicosia as a Customer Service Officer where he supported both local and overseas customers. He also served as an Officer at the Loans and Trade Department in IBU and later as a Customer Service Officer at various branches. For over a decade Nicolaos worked at the Restructuring and Recoveries Division. He is highly knowledgeable in these areas as he has served both customers and colleagues from his various positions.

Throughout the years Nicolaos has gained knowledge and expertise. Possessing strong communication and interpersonal skills, he was able to gain the trust of customers by interacting with people from all backgrounds. He has a strong personality and has handled with professionalism whatever was assigned to him and has demonstrated strong organisational skills and through hard work he has helped in achieving the Bank's goals.

Nicolaos holds a BSc in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business and also holds a professional certification in Banking from the American Banking Association since 2012.

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