Our Startup Program

The Startup Program is IDEA’s cornerstone: a two-stage Accelerator - Incubator programme that hosts startups for a transformative 9-month journey. It serves as the pivotal platform for nurturing participating startups, to facilitate the transformation of their innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Our Startup Program is meticulously designed to provide unparalleled opportunities for growth. We offer a comprehensive business support package to each participating startup, including €20,000 in seed capital. Startups also gain access to top-tier business-creation training and workshops, tailored mentoring, one-to-one business consultations, and extensive networking opportunities. Additionally, our Program offers strategic advisory sessions and access to a suite of professional services from our esteemed partners, ensuring startups receive a holistic support framework geared towards empowering entrepreneurs.

As a non-profit entity, IDEA operates on a rigorous selection process throughout the Program, based on stringent criteria and milestones. We take pride in ensuring that only the most dedicated and hardworking startups progress to successful graduation from our Program. We prioritize commitment, perseverance, and a drive for innovation as pivotal factors in selecting and nurturing startups within our Program.

At our core, we are committed to equipping entrepreneurs with the essential tools and support necessary for their success. Our Startup Program serves as a catalyst, providing the fundamental pillars upon which startups can build and scale their ventures.

  • STAGE A – Accelerator 3 months

    The Accelerator Stage kickstarts the Startup Program with an intense 3-month period focused on comprehensive Business-Creation Training. The curriculum is designed on international standards, tailored to meet the needs of startups. It is reviewed annually to reflect current trends, providing startups with essential skills and knowledge necessary to fortify the foundational aspects of their business.

    Startups participate in a series of focused sessions crafted to sharpen their entrepreneurial acumen, refine their business strategies, and equip them with the tools needed for effective execution. The emphasis is on fostering a dynamic learning environment where startups can gain practical insights, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and refine their approaches to align with market demands. This phase acts as a launching pad, laying the groundwork for subsequent stages in their journey towards creating a viable and scalable business model.

  • STAGE B – Incubator 6 months

    During the Incubator Stage, lasting 6 months, startups progress further in their development journey. To enter this stage, a rigorous Formal Evaluation is conducted, to ensure adherence to predetermined criteria, allowing only dedicated startups to advance.

    Entrepreneurs and startups receive extensive support as they finalise their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This stage offers a suite of services, including legal, accounting, HR, marketing, and technology support through our network of strategic partners. Startups also benefit from specialised mentoring, seed capital, networking opportunities, and access to potential investors.

    The Incubator Stage provides an environment where startups receive comprehensive assistance and market access, empowering them to refine their offerings and seize growth opportunities.