Consultancy - Professional Services

Business Consulting & Professional Services

Services offered by our esteemed partners stand as a pillar of support within our Startup Program, providing startups invaluable guidance and expertise from Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority – CYTA, Lellos P. Demetriades, and Deloitte Cyprus. These services are tailored to address the specific needs of each startup, empowering them to make informed decisions and maximize available support.

Business Consulting

Throughout the 9-month Program, startups engage in regular Business Consulting meetings, orchestrated to offer one-to-one guidance on challenges faced. An experienced and distinguished Business Consultant from Bank of Cyprus provides customised guidance, aiding startups in overcoming difficulties, recovering from errors, and advising on optimal outcomes based on their current business needs.

These meetings stand in addition to the other fixture in the Startup Program, the group Mentoring, ensuring startups benefit from feedback and assistance both from their mentor and peers (mentoring) and an experienced authority in the field (consultant). This dual approach safeguards high-quality output, prevents drift from goals, and maintains a high-functioning pace throughout the program.

Professional Services

Startups benefit from an array of professional services offered by our partners. These encompass a spectrum of crucial areas including legal, accounting, and technological support, extending the breadth of assistance available for startups' holistic development. These services are arranged upon request and based on the needs of each startup.