Bank of Cyprus


IDEA Innovation Center was founded by the Bank of Cyprus and other partners and is mainly supported by the Bank as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Bank of Cyprus (BoC) plays a key role in the growth of Cyprus economy as the largest banking and financial services group in Cyprus with a long presence and tradition. It also plays a significant role in the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Since 2015, it has been a stable partner and the main supporter of IDEA Innovation Center, believing in the crucial role it plays in the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurs and enterprises with the knowledge and the skills to become competitive in the global market.

In addition, IDEA brings BoC closer to the start-up businesses, supporting the creation of new innovative ventures, assisting in combating youth unemployment, and upgrading the competitiveness of Cyprus in the international market.

IDEA falls within the strategic Corporate Social Responsibility actions of the Bank for the benefit of both the economy and the society.