IDEA and its entrepreneurs had a strong presence in the Reflect Festival 2023, a tech

festival that uniting tech enthusiasts and innovators from Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Ascanio discussed the power of Mixed Reality on the Pier Stage, showcasing its game-changing applications in mission-critical professions. Hello Radius introduced its revolutionary AI-driven Talent Recruitment platform that promises to revolutionize the field. Odysseas Economides showcase his latest educational robotics venture. Many alumni formed valuable connections with fellow entrepreneurs and investors.

Distinguished speakers from Cyprus and abroad captivated the audience with engaging presentations.

The "Venture Investing in Cyprus" panel provided valuable insights from investors. Andreas Panayi of KV Fund discussed the potential brought by large companies entering Cyprus, offering promising exit opportunities through acquisitions. Later, Demetrios Zoppos of Cyprus Equity Fund 33East, highlighted the challenge of testing product fit in Cyprus, emphasizing the real opportunity in global markets.