Andreas Pavlou

Digital Services Director, Delema McCann Cyprus

Andreas Pavlou holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA in Marketing from the St. John’s University in New York. Upon his return in 2005, he was recruited by DELEMA MCCANN CYPRUS and has been part of the team since. He is currently serving as Digital Services Director.

Andreas believes that a learning culture holds the key to success. He believes that change can only lead to improvement, as the marketing industry is rapidly adapting and has transformed to a consumer dominant “ballgame”. At the same time, external factors that have massive impact, affecting both the consumers and the markets, have become more frequent than ever. This means that both brands and individuals can no longer remain “static”. The ability to adapt and master change is a challenge that can only be addressed with constant learning and a willingness to change, while always having in mind the end goal of your strategy.

“We learn from our mistakes, we fall, we rise again, we push on and evolve.”

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