Christis Plastiras

Co Founder, Abacio

Christis Plastiras holds a BA degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge and a MSc in Finance from Imperial College London. He has extensive knowledge in the Technology, Finance, Banking and Logistics industry.

He started his professional career as an investment banker for Societe Generale in the City of London, before deciding to move back to Cyprus and start his entrepreneurial journey. Since then, he worked in different positions within several companies in various industries.

In 2010, he founded Melior Ltd, a technology company focusing on software solutions, which grew to become a Group of technologY. ventures, mcludmg: a), the leading job portal in Cyprus collaborating with more than 12K companies; b) Svelta, a last mile courier company; c) The Online Dot Boutique, a franchise company that operates and licenses Flower Boutique and eava Boutique, two leading e-commerce brands with same day delivery in Cyprus and recently Athens, Greece;

In the volatile realm of startups, where risk is not just a challenge but a driving force, Christis has been fostering entrepreneurial endeavors and contributing to groundbreaking initiatives. Simultaneously, he is a member of the board of a prominent bank, where he also serves as the Chairman of the Risk Committee. Steering the ship in an industry known for its meticulous scrutiny and calculated decisions, he fmds myself at the nexus of two extremes - the daring, fast-paced world of startups and the methodical, risk-averse landscape of banking.

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