Constantinos Yenis


Academically I studied Civil & Environmental Engineering, Business Management and complemented it with specific courses like Data science, Web Development & Growth Marketing while keeping a habit of 1 book per week. I love playing music and while studying I was organising music and fine arts festivals for 3 years just to realise there was no Market-Fit to keep doing it. I tried to build a start-up in Cyprus but gave up too early. I moved to Barcelona to learn coding and ended up joining an early-stage start-up and in 3 years I participated actively in different areas in scaling from 5 to 100 employees, raising more than 25 million and finally getting acquired by one of the Europe’s biggest cloud software companies.
If you are reading this and you are building a start-up let’s have a chat on product-market-fit, go to market strategy and anything related to sales, marketing, customer success, product, data, programming.

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