Dr. Angelos Vouldis


Angelos Vouldis is the founder and Managing Director of ADRAKSE. An innovative organisation with the aim to inform, train, educate and inspire parents and students in the field of studies and career development. He is also involved in numerous projects that deal with business rebranding and sales performance improvement and holds non-executive directorship positions in successful corporations. Angelos is also an academic lecturer at several local and international universities in the areas of Business Strategy, Innovation and Sales Management, as well as an editorial member of the Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management and the Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation (JOSI). He holds a PhD in Business Performance (Middlesex University), a Master’s degree in Business Management and Operations (University of Patra) and a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics from the Polytechnic School (University of Patras).

Beyond his academic career his resumes trace a history of extensive management background, experience and accomplishment in all aspects of strategic planning, performance management, sales and marketing management with the Mercedes-Benz Cyprus. He has a solid entrepreneurial approach to business and academic initiatives and have been cited for insight and creativity in developing workable solutions to expand operations, customer accounts, and bottom-line profits.

Youtube channel: ADRAKSE