Dr. Natasa Christou

Founder, Director, CEO, Tellalis.com

Dr. Natasa is a woman with vision to empower people to unleash their full potential and find the unicorn power within. She brings a unique blend of strengths such as entrepreneurial spirit, academic knowledge, design creativity and those are the tools she uses to build bridges  among people, with one goal: to create impactful new businesses that transform our world through the use of cutting-edge technologies and human collaborative intelligence. Natasa   has worked continuously to support hundreds of people across multiple sectors in both university and industry zones. Natasa, has received her bachelor and master degree in architecture from the University of Westminster in London as well as a doctorate degree from the University of Cyprus. She has been recently nominee as woman of the year for innovation. She is an active member of the Cypriot start-up ecosystem. Design thinking is her major teaching method to empower people explore the mechanics of idea execution. She is best known for creating tellalis.com, an award winning online community platform, dedicated to activate local creative-makers towards accessing more opportunities.

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