Stelios Komis

Credit Risk Manager, Infocredit Group

Stelios Komis holds a PhD in Finance from Brunel University (United Kingdom) and is currently manager of the Credit Risk Department at Infocredit Group (Cyprus). Between 1996 and 2022 Stelios worked in various capacities in the Risk Management Division of the Bank of Cyprus. A notable highlight of his career at the Bank was the pioneering introduction of credit analysis and analytics, a ground-breaking initiative at the time. His expertise was instrumental in the development and successful implementation of the Bank's credit rating systems, focusing on corporates and SMEs, as well as consumer credit scoring systems. As a representative of the Bank of Cyprus he has been attending the meetings of the Moody’s Risk Advisor Advisory Group (MRAAG) for several years during which he has made presentations on various topics. He has been a valued member of the group and has consistently made significant contributions to its work. Stelios has actively participated in a joint project with Moody’s/ KMV to develop an internal rating model to address Middle Market and an internal rating model to address Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Additionally, during his employment at the Bank of Cyprus, Stelios has been the Risk Research Training and Development Manager for 6 years. In this role, he implemented and monitored the ‘’Risk Training & Development Framework’’ of the Bank and he adopted new and innovative risk training methodologies and tools. Prior to joining the Bank of Cyprus, Stelios was a Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (United Kingdom). His teaching portfolio included subjects such as corporate finance, financial modelling, financial accounting, business policy, corporate reporting, and research methods. Stelios has been a board member of the Cyprus Economic Society (CES) for successive terms.