Thea Angeli Anayiotos

Co-Founder and Director - Jo&Tim Ltd / Founder & Managing Director TheDom Ltd / Associate Investment Services - Consulco Group Ltd

With almost three decades of experience, I have been professionally involved in various fields, starting my career in the media, moving on to the commercial sector, then banking followed somewhat naturally, and here I am as an entrepreneur, passionate business leader with a personal mission to always be relevant, courageous and authentic, finding meaning & happiness through what I create.

My personal approach is to maintain a positive disposition, find an opportunity through every difficulty, manage to adapt to the continuous changes while being authentic.

In my effort to support and encourage entrepreneurship in Cyprus, I am a strategic partner of IDEA and a mentor. Through the mentorship, I would love to share my experiences, guide & inspire the teams to develop beyond their perceived limitations, unleash their full potential, delivering an exceptional product/ idea, which will be relevant globally.

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